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Storm Damage

Storm Damage Restoration

After the storm clears, you may have obvious damage such as a downed tree or harder to see damage like hail or water damage. Whether your property has been impacted by a fallen tree, high winds, or flood waters, you're going to need substantial repairs and restoration services for your home or office. Significant water damage can lead to drywall damage, mold, and rotting in your structural framing. Act fast with Paragon Construction Group to decrease the amount of secondary damage from any water. Our professionals begin by ensuring that your house or business and contents are protected from additional weather damage, and that no unauthorized people can get inside. From straight line wind damage to tornado and tree damage, Paragon Construction Group has the skills to fix your home.

What should you do after the storm passes?

After any tree, roof, and/or water damage situation, your primary focus should be safety first!
Are there downed power lines on or near the building? If so, contact your power company immediately and get those hazards addressed.
Contact your insurance company and get a meeting scheduled with the claims department.
Call or email us to arrange a site visit so that we can get the repair process underway.
Is it safe to stay in the structure? Are there any major holes in the roof or walls from wind or debris or trees? If the shell of the building has been compromised, it's probably a good idea to keep out until you get a professional opinion on whether or not the building is tenable.
Don't walk into a room with a sagging ceiling.
Be mindful of any electrical device and/or extension cords that are in wet areas - electricity and water can be a deadly combination.
Electrical shock hazards and trip hazards are some of the most prevalent concerns. As to "do it yourself" activities, only do activities that you can perform without causing yourself injury.
Here are some DIY items you may want to tackle after you're certain there are no shock hazards in the area:

  • Pick up loose belongings from the floor.
  • Remove excess water by mopping and/or wet-vac.
  • Clear items from tables and counter-tops and wipe up excess water.
  • Remove and prop up wet furniture cushions under a covered patio/carport area or over/in a bathtub or sink.
  • Place blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting to prevent the furniture from wicking moisture up from the floor.
  • If the HVAC system is not damaged or wet, turn air conditioning on and put the blower in the constant run mode.
  • Remove rugs, irreplaceable memorabilia, art, etc. to a safe, dry place.
For more information regarding water, mold, and fire restoration, call or email us for further consultation.